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Challenges of Using Technology for Humanitarian Aid

Challenges of Using Technology for Humanitarian Aid

Technology has completely transformed our daily lives, streamlining tasks and boosting efficiency. But in the kingdom of humanitarian aid, it has its hurdles.  As per a United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs report, In May 2011 just 40% of the world’s population can access the internet, establishing a clear digital gap between […]

How Technology Helps in Increasing Humanitarian Aid

How Technology Helps in Increasing Humanitarian Aid?

In 2015, when devastating earthquakes struck Nepal, relief teams faced immense challenges coordinating aid in remote mountain villages made inaccessible by landslides and rubble.  As aid flights continued, disaster management software optimised routing to reach the most people daily. This real-life example demonstrates how technology has transformed humanitarian response.  In fact, according to a report […]

Humanitarian Crisis in 2023

Humanitarian Crisis in 2023

With global issues rising, 2023 could see further strain on vulnerable communities. Recent UN reports suggest increasing food and water shortages will impact over 600 million people worldwide next year. Climate change continues, with worsening droughts and extreme weather in many regions. At the same time, ongoing conflicts are displacing large populations in parts of […]

Humanitarian Crises

Humanitarian Crises: Causes, Effects and Solutions

Over 360 million people annually engage in charity to help alleviate global humanitarian crises. However, the harsh reality is that conflict, climate disasters, and destitution continue propelling millions into dire need overseas.  In 2021 alone, armed clashes in Yemen pushed a staggering 80% of its population into relying on aid. Meanwhile, extreme weather like floods […]