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Maestro Supply Chain:


Organization Chart Module

Here you will be able to define your own organization hierarchy as a tree. The end user will be able to create the root node of the tree which represent the organization, then the user could create as many departments/levels as required without any restrictions. Also the user will be able to update all information in the tree.

Project Module

This module will allow to manage the projects in your organization, and link them with Budget/Transactions. Below are the main function that Project’s module offer:
  1. Manage Projects ( Create, Update, Delete).
  2. Project Listing: Show a list of all projects in your organization, with the ability to filter using different searching criteria’s.
  3. Manage Budget Line (Create, Update, Delete).
  4. List of all budgets related to a specific project, with the ability to filter using different searching criteria’s.
  5. Manage Budget Line Transaction ( Create, Update, Delete), with the ability to filter using different searching criteria’s.

Personnel Module

Personnel Module will helps in managing the personal profiles of the staff inside your organization. Each an employee is going to have a digital record that stores all basic information about staff. The end users will be able to do the following:
  1. List all employees in an organization.
  2. Define different searching criteria’s and apply them on a staff list.
  3. Export staff list as excel.
  4. Create, update , delete employee profiles.

Assets Management Module

You can track all assets that are linked to a specific project through this module. It allows you to define an inventory of items then assign different items to your employees. Each item could be assigned to a specific project and one person. Below are the main functions of this module:
  1. Manage Inventory ( Create, Update, Delete) items.
  2. List all items in your inventory, including dynamic filters that allows you to define your own searching criteria.
  3. Link an item to a project and a person.
  4. Track the history of a specific item.

Supply Chain Module

Supply Chain module is a dynamic module that allows to automate the process of PRs in your organization. The process starts by defining the thre-shold of PRs in your organization, then raising a PR request. Then the PR request goes through a different stages as explained below:
    • Raise PR
    • Generate RFQ
    • Bids & offers
    • Bids analysis
    • Purchase Order

Settings Module

Authorised users will be able to define all system’s indexes through this module. This includes : PR levels, offices, locations, Positions, etc. Each index is going to have a separate grid where you can manage easily the records ( Create, Update and Delete). Furthermore, each grid is going to allow endusers searching the existing records.

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