ICS Objectives

To increase productivity and Cut cost for organisations: remaining up to date with a new technology which directly improves efficiency and productivity of employee’s performance and saving time.

Providing our clients with intelligent software systems that could provide decisions on real-time based on business intelligence & machine learning techniques.

Utilizing advanced statistics and data mining in M&E to deliver better response for the beneficiaries.

Improve a company’s internal capabilities through the application of industrial symbiosis in order to increase productivity, reduce costs, develop new business opportunities and improve overall environmental performance.

Enhancing the Cyber & digital security by strengthening the technical process and encryption algorithms which improved the data security and integrity with essential aspects of an organisation’s security.


1-  ICS members have extensive experience in information technology and previously worked with international organizations and UN agencies to develop cutting-edge software solutions.

2- Innovation provides smart & reliable software systems that embed machine learning techniques and data analytics to allow our customer to get the most from their data.

3- Innovation follows the best practices and standards in user interface design, and we are a commitment to delivering an attractive but straightforward navigation experience through our systems.

4- As a part of our contribution to the humanitarian missions, we had participated in Turkey’s clusters and developed custom software for the partners (Service Mapping Software), besides we are very familiar with Activity OCHA’s platform, 4Ws, DHIS, and many other open-source technologies that server the humanitarian’s missions

5-We are strict with high-quality standards and procedures to deliver the best reliable solutions to our clients. Moreover, we follow an agile process that engages the customers in the development of the system to guarantee the delivery of the right solution.

6Web Site Projects
2Mobile Application
2E-learning Moodle