ICS Objectives

To increase productivity and Cut cost for organizations: remaining up to date with new technology which directly improves the efficiency and productivity of employee’s performance and saving time.

Supporting the organizations in taking the right decisions by developing the business intelligence systems and reducing risks & Accidents.

Enhancing the Cyber & digital security by developing the technical process and encryption algorithms which improved the data security and integrity with essential aspects of an organization’s security.

To increase consistency: by advising for using the right programs for the right need to gives employees constant knowledge and experience.


1- ICS members have a background and experience in information technology. Moreover ICS members build huge software programs to company, INGOs and NGOs.

2- Innovation offers pieces of training especially in Information technology topics, these training will help the organization to Confident Staff, Better Culture, Save Money and Save Time

3- Innovation provides smart software programs that help customers to increase their quality of outputs.

4- The vision and mission of ICS are to support the company and NGOs by capacity-building programmes, developing software systems and IT OCA.

6Web Site Projects
2Mobile Application
2E-learning Moodle